Microsoft Discontinuing “Microsoft Points”

Rumor has it that Microsoft will be phasing out their curious “Microsoft Points” system for Xbox Live Arcade, Zune, and other Digital Distribution services in late 2012. It will be replaced by a simple currency transaction similar to what iTunes has now. I understand the need for the points gift cards to train your customer base on the idea of digital distribution, but the need for PSN, Nintendo, and Microsoft to have their own Monopoly Money currencies is just bizarre. Good Riddance.

Source: Dvice

Radical Entertainment’s “Prototype 2” gets a comic book via Dark Horse

On February 15th, Dark Horse plans to release a three-issue miniseries based on the open-world superhero beat-em up, Prototype 2. The comic will bridge the story gap between the first game and the sequel, which is due later in 2012.

Studio head at Radical, Ken Rosman explained: “With this partnership, our fans will finally be given answers to some dramatic loose ends from the first Prototype game, as well as the truth behind Alex Mercer’s descent and evolution into a twisted shadow of his former self for Prototype 2.”

So now we all can find out how our favourite grimdark videogame super hero became even more…grimdark. I suppose that’s possible…


First Look at Kevin Costner in Superman: Man of Steel

Hollywood North On Location managed to locate some shots of the city of Delta playing the scintillating of Smallville, Kansas in the new Superman: Man of Steel movie. There’s also this guy named Kevin wandering around the set.

Source: Hollywood North On Location