Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo Announced: March 17th, 2012

Vancouver is getting a Retro gaming Expo!

Brian Hughes, owner of New Westminster’s Gamedeals Video Game Store has organized a celebration of classic video games at the Columbia Theatre. Guests include Happy Console Gamer, Fraser Agar’s Awesome Video Games, Megasteakman, Retro City Rampage and Geeks After Dark.

Tickets are $15, further details are at the Vancouver Gaming Expo Website



Lion’s Gate Films Share Price Rises due to Hunger Games

According the Bloomberg, Vancouver-based company Lion’s Gate films is experiencing a surge in share price due to the upcoming release of the Hunger Games movie. While the movie was filmed in North Carolina, could Lion’s Gate Films’ good fortune translate to more production in Vancouver?

Source: Bloomberg

Steam Releases Mobile App for iOS and Android

If you’ve ever been caught on the way to work wondering what kind of Steam Sales you were missing out on, then wonder no further! This new app for iOS and Android allows you to chat with Steam friends, browse gaming news, and expose your wallet to ritualistic abuse all from your mobile device! Between this and the recent introduction of facebook connect, Valve is really making a push to expand the social aspect of its service. The question is, will privacy-paranoid PC gamers take advantage of the new features?


Source: Kotaku