Vancouver to ask BC government to re-open the Rio

Vancouver City Council voted on Tuesday to petition the BC government to allow the Rio to keep its liquor license and stay open. The venue has not been able to show any films because although its liquor license allows for alcohol at live events, it doesn’t cover the screening of movies. It’s so insane its almost not worth getting enraged about. It’s as if the government needs to do this kind of thing because they can’t just come out and ask for bribes outright in the first place. Oh well. If City Hall can see the light, maybe Victoria can too.

Source: The Straight


Adam West and Burt Ward to Attend Fan Expo Vancouver

You might be swooning at the idea of meeting Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy. You might have a conniption over getting Kristen Bauer’s (True Blood) Autograph. But fellow Raingeeks, the true pinnacle of this year’s Vancouver Fan Expo will be a chance to meet the one and only Dynamic Duo. Adam West and Burt Ward aka 1960s Batman and Robin will be coming to our city’s first major comic convention, and that makes for one hell of a start.

Source: Vancitybuzz


GameStorm hits Vancouver WA March 22-25


This March, the Other Vancouver in Washington gears up for its 14th annual GameStorm Convention at the Hilton Hotel. Special Guests include Andrew Hackard and Samuel Mitschke of Steve Jackson Games and Jason Bulmahn of Paizo Games. The event will feature 24-hour gaming goodness including board games, tabletop role playing games and even Live-Action Role-playing. Tickets are $45 at the door, register before March 7 to save!

Source: GeekDad