Katie Sackhoff In New Riddick Movie

In a new Synopsis released last week, Battlestar Galactica Alumnus Katie Sackhoff will be appearing in the new “Chronicles of Riddick” movie. She will be part of a team of mercenaries trying to hunt down Vin Diesel’s Riddick Character on a hostile alien world. No details yet on how this will relate to the previous Riddick movie, but I think we all just want to see Vin Diesel creatively killing people again.


Source:Science Fiction.com.

Sakura-Con Announces Musical Guest Stereopony

Sakura-Con has just announced their main musical guest for 2012. Stereopony  is an all-girl J-rock band formed in Okinawa in 2007. They are best known to anime fans as the artists behind Bleach’s 17th ending theme, “Hitohira no Hanabira” and  “Namida no Muko”, the 2nd opening theme for Gundam 00’s 2nd season. This is not Stereopony’s first sojourn to the states, as they rocked out at the Texas SXSW festival in 2009 to a standing ovation.


Source: Sakura-Con Website.

Halo: Helljumper


Filmmaker Dan Wang has produced what seems to be the prettiest Halo Fan film ever. Halo: Helljumper follows the life of one ODST soldier as he makes his way from boot camp to the front lines of the convenant war. The dialogue is a little “on the nose”, but the lighting, visual effects, and editing are pitch perfect. If they can get this kind of production value from a fan film, it’s a wonder that Microsoft doesn’t finance, produce and distribute the Halo film instead of having to deal seven levels of development hell.


Source: Halo Helljumper