THQ Seeking “Partner” For Warhammer 40k MMO

After rumours of imminent bankruptcy and a NASDAQ share price of $0.66, THQ has resorted to seeking out investors to finance its Warhammer 40k: Dark Millenium MMO project, due out in 2014. Even with the company’s financial troubles it’s no surprise that THQ is seeking help. Bioware’s recently released Star Wars: The Old Republic cost over $100 million to produce, and it’s been the only game in almost a decade to even challenge World of Warcraft. Still, we should all hope that THQ is successful in finding a patron for Dark Millenium.  Relic Entertainment’s previous entries into the Warhammer lexicon, Dawn of War and Space Marine, were nothing short of superlative. It would be a shame for that streak to end.



Xbox Indie Developer Blames New Dashboard For Low Downloads

The latest Xbox live Update has done more than put more Axe ads on your Xbox 360. Kris Steele, creator of Hypership: Out of Control has discovered that the new interface has reduced the first day trial downloads of the Hypership sequel fall by over 50%. Anyone who goes on the new dashboard will only find indie games stashed under a tile called “game type” and new indie titles are not being shown in the same category as the official XBLA games or games on demand. Microsoft claims that the indie games section is still profitable, but with this kind of treatment, one has to wonder if their faith is waning.

Source: Gamasutra

Interview with Malvina MasVino of Video Game Burlesque

The Georgia Straight has posted an interview with one of the performers in the Video Game Burlesque Show, taking place at the Canadian Legion this Friday, February 10th. Tatiana Pirogovskaia aka Malvina Masvino will be giving the burlesque re-enactment of Portal, focusing on the tragic love story between the protagonist and her companion cube. Hit the link below to read on!