The Straight Interviews Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo Games

The Straight has posted an interview with Michael Fergusson, CEO of Ayogo Games. Michael’s company focuses on “serious games” that are meant to promote health and fitness among their players. I ♥ Jellyfish is one such game, which Fergusson hopes release to researchers in March or April. You can read the interview here.


13,000 people play Half-life 2 to bring forth Half-life 3

On Feb. 4th, over 13,000 players participated in a mass “play-in” of Half-life 2 to bring about the release or at least concrete details on Half-life 3. Over 50,000 signed a petition to participate in the event, but only 1/4 of that number showed up to play. I doubt that Gabe Newell and the rest of Valve Software are doing anything about this other than basking in the attention. Still, it’s a credit to Valve that so many people are playing their games that were released seven years ago.

Source: Kotaku.

Halo 4 To Include Automated Bots in Multiplayer

A rumour about the new Halo game has surfaced due to the content of an employee’s resume. Brandon Layton has been working for 343 studios since July 2011, and his skillset specifically mentions the creation of automated bots for multiplayer games. These bots might just be serving as testing tools for the developers, but it would be nice to be able to practice some of those multiplayer maps without any interruption from 12-year-olds.

Source: GameBandits