Carpenter’s Union Protests Sakuracon

This odd scene came in courtesy of 4chan, and if it weren’t for the supporting documentation (see gallery) I would have assumed it was another photoshop.
Apparently, the contractor responsible for the booths at Sakura-con, DWA Trade Show and Exposition Services, is in the middle of a labor dispute with the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters. According to the union,

DWA does not meet area labor standards on all of their projects, including providing or fully paying for family health care and pension, for all of their carpenter craft employees on all of their jobs

It’s pretty bizarre a Union go after an employer’s customers rather than the employer itself. Then again, Sakura-con is a high profile event, so the sign probably makes for a more effective protest. Sakura-con publicity had this to say about the situation.

Our position is that we are willing to hear out their copmplaints, but they have done next to nothing to explain themselves. They finally sent us a letter just a couple of weeks ago, far too late for us to make a change. We told them last year to contact us early before we make any hiring decisions, not weeks before out event when we can’t really do anything to make a change.

It seems this union is using our well respected, 100% volunteer, 501c3 non-profit event to garner more publicity for themselves more than they seem to be serious about working with us. It’s very disappointing. They are giving out a personal cell phone number on their flyers and unfairly maligning us to the public.

BC Film Production Keeps on Growing

Despite a US Dollar at par, increased competition from neighbours to the south and an overall economic downturn, film production facilities just seem to keep growing in BC’s Lower Mainland. Sony Imageworks doubling the size its CG production facility in Vancouver to over 32,000 square feet. The building will be used to add post-production special effects and 3D conversion to Sony’s Blockbuster and Animation projects. Randy Lake, the executive vice president of Sony Imageworks cited Vancouver’s talent base and government incentives among the reasons for expanding the facility.

If that wasn’t enough, Capilano just opened the $31 million Nat and Flora Bosa Centre for Film and Animation. The 69,000 square foot facility will house  film and sound editing bays, 3D production equipment, animation labs and 8,000 square foot sound stage.

Source: Vancouver Sun.

Couples Renew Vows At Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Event

Wedding nuptials were served with brains at San Francisco Tournament to promote Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Boys and Ghouls dressed in full zombie regalia to renew their vows in unholy matrimony in the eyes of God, the Umbrella Corporation, and the Bay Area Zombie Rights Commission.

Source:Unleash the Fanboy.