Sakura-con Hosts a Gothic and Lolita tea party with Fumiko Kawamura and Yuko Ashizawa

It’s no secret that with all the cosplay and lolita fashions anime conventions have turned into Tuner Shows for clothes (that’s a good thing). This year Sakura-con offers fashion fans a unique opportunity to mingle with Japan’s top designers in the Gothic Lolita genre. You can join¬†Fumiko Kawamura of Chantilly and Yuko Ashizawa of Atelier Pierrot at the Historic Fairmont hotel for a Gothic Lolita tea party on April 5th. This is a non-cosplay event, but you can bring out your jauntiest suits and daintiest frocks to attend this 5 diamond event. Tickets are worth $50 and can be found here.

Source: Sakura-Con

The “Scully Box” on the X-Files

A piece of Vancouver television history was uncovered last week. It’s photographic evidence of the “Scully Box” that 5’2″ Gillian Anderson used so that she could stay in frame with her co-star, David Duchovny, who was 10 inches taller. The carpeted aluminum plank, which Anderson started calling the “Gilly Box”, was so ingrained into her work on The X-files that she would sometimes forget she was on it and fall off during serious scenes. I’m about a foot taller than my significant other, so maybe I should get one these for my house.

Source: The Mary Sue

Evil Dead: The Musical Menaces Vancouver Once Again

Back by popular demand, Last Chance Productions beings back Evil Dead: The musical to the Granville Island Waterfront Theater this May. It’s the story of 5 college students, horde of zombies, an evil book, and one demon-possessed hand’s quest for individuality. Since it is based on the popular Sam Raimi series of horror movies, the first three rows are designated “splatter zones”, so enter at your own risk! Tickets are available at the Evil Dead Tour Website. The show runs from May 3rd-6th and May 17th-20th, 2012.

Source: Vancity Buzz.