Princeton Review’s Top 10 lists Art Institute of Vancouver

The Princeton Review recently ranked the Art Institute of Vancouver in their Top 10 Video Game Design Schools list. The Art Institute came out at #5 behind Redmond’s Digipen at #4, and was the only Canadian school in the ranking. Vancouver Film School received an honourable mention in the review. BCIT, UBC and SFU did not place on the list. The survey consisted of 50 questions covering a variety of subjects ranging from faculty selection to course content.



Terra Nova’s Jay Ryan plays the Beast in Vancouver Beauty and the Beast Pilot

The CW’s Beauty and the Beast has found its beast in the form of Jay Ryan, who has previously played Curran, a deposed security guard on the Terra Nova series. We have also learned that this Beast is the product of a failed military experiment, which effectively has killed all the mystery of this show for me. Wasn’t a sense of mystery the whole appeal of the Beast? From the original Fairy Tale to the Disney movie, we’ve all wondered how this tortured creature got to be the way he is, and now that we can wonder no longer, it’s a good bet that the series won’t make it past the pilot stage.

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Vancouver’s TARDIS Console Restored

Some of you may remember Doctor Who’s sole journey to Vancouver from the 1996 TV movie starring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. The TARDIS console from that very production remained in the prop house that built it for many years. Paul Salamoff, bought the console in 2006, but the years had not been kind. The time rotor was gone, as well as many of the switches and controls that the Doctor would fiddle with to travel through time and space. Paul enlisted the help of his friends Brian Uiga and Bob Mitsch to restore the TARDIS console. Now it is fully repaired with a custom sound board that makes that iconic TARDIS wooshing sound effect. The console was on display last month at Los Angeles’ Gallifrey One Network 23.


Source:Doctor Who News.