Update: ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’ to be a Web Series

In a move that has the internet aghast yet unsurprised, Syfy has banished Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome from its colony in the cable universe and relegated it to being a web series. This comes on the heels of a trailer that has set the nerdverse ablaze with enough excitement to buy 2 Blu-ray sets of season 1 of this never-to-air TV series. This may be due to the lack of ratings success of Caprica, but come on, what does Syfy expect? Caprica was about people building robots who are sad ‘n’ stuff. Blood and Chrome is about Vipers, Cylons, spaceships, explosions, and, well, Blood and Chrome. That’s why we watched Battlestar in the first place! Part of me thinks that there may be an unintentional method to this madness. Maybe this will be a show that will allow us to make a clean break from the bonds of the cable TV schedule, but I can’t expect that kind of intellect from people who put wrestling on a Science Fiction channel.


Sakuracon Releases Panel Schedule

Remember the days when you used to wander aimlessly the halls of Sakura-con? Well, wander no more! There are AMV’s, Panels, Cosplay, Improv, Music, Interviews, Autographs, and video rooms! Anything anime-related you couldn’t experience on the internet, you can find it here!

Source: Sakura-con

Slant Six outs first original IP, Strata Scavenger | Joystiq

Fresh off the release of Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, Slant Six has announced it’s next project with an original IP, Strata Scavenger. The title was made possible through the government’s Canadian Media Fund, which has contributed $1 million to the project.

Not much to tell about the game thus far except this single promo image. I guess it means competition over Vancouver’s rapidly dwindling Residential space has gone from bad to post apocalyptic. By-laws are enforced by lasers instead of $200 fines. Council meetings have devolved into heavily armed shoot-outs. As the strata council member at large, you alone are responsible for maintaining law, order, and Mrs. Bloomington’s pet cat mittens while she takes a shopping trip to the states. Good luck, Strata Scavenger.