The History of Vancouver in Comics

Stevie Wilson over at Scout Magazine has posted a fascinating article about the history of Vancouver in Comics. Editorial Cartoons, Fanzines and the like are apparently a great resource for first-hand historical records. They are so good, in fact, that the UBC Library had a trial archive on their website up until March 16th. I’m rather miffed that I hadn’t heard about it until now, so write an e-mail to and let the faculty there know that we want to see the history of Vancouver in comic book format.

Scout Magazine.

Vancouver Film School Showcases Game Design Final Projects

A litany of all-nighters, coffee-IV drips, and top ramen diets has paid off for the students of Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program. The student body has released their final projects to the public and a panel of industry professionals that just might give them their first jobs. The first of these is Terra, a cel-shaded action platformer, then we have Otherside, a 3D Puzzle Action Platformer, Terminus Station, a harrowing trip through a cursed subway station, and There and Back, a 2D platformer that allows you to switch places with our shadow. All of these games are downloadable from the VFS Website, so head on down and take them for a spin!

Source:VFS Blog

PAX Registration Opens…Sorta?

This would usually be the post where I talk about how PAX Prime registration opened yesterday, how long it took for them to sell out, and you better find a scalper now, yada yada. However, the good folks at Penny Arcade decided to go for a new provider for their registration system. They went looking for Engine Yard, but unfortunately they found BCeSis instead.

Here’s where we’re at:
#1. We tried a new registration vendor this year. It….didn’t work out. We are going back to our previous vendor and registration should be set up next week.

#2. For those of you who have successfully registered, we’ll shoot you an email next week to confirm your registration.

#3. We’re really sorry about this =(.

Oh well, better luck next time guys. 🙂

Source: PAX Prime.