LEGO Store at Oakridge Opens May the Fourth

Vancouver is getting its first Lego Store at Oakridge Mall this weekend, and it’s holding a grand opening celebration from May 4th to 6th to celebrate! There will be plenty of give-aways, and you can check out their various kits of say, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings…or you can build racing cars…I think they might have a few of those Lego friends kits…ah screw it. We’re all going for the Star Wars Lego, aren’t we? I thought so.

Source: Vancouver Blog Miss604

MGM Snatches Stargate SG-1 From the Jaws of Obscurity

Just as the final Creation Stargate convention was about to close the iris for good, an announcement from independent producer Darren Thomas could change everything. His company, Ordino Studios, which based out of Andorra, is collaborating with MGM on a Stargate SG-1 app for tablets and smartphones. According to the official Stargate Facebook page, there are more details to the announcement that will be revealed at the San Diego Comicon in July. This could mean anything from the whole series streaming over tablet apps to a full-blown 3D action game. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this!


Emerald City Comicon Photos

See? I told you we were on hand at Emerald City Comicon! My buddy¬†Theo Hua was kind enough to get some sweet shots of Seattle’s comic book tour de force. You can check out the rest of his photos after the jump, and check out his website,

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