The Seventh Son Movie Builds Giant Castle at Kent Hangar Field

If you head down to the corner of Boundary and Kent road in Vancouver, you should be able to see the looming visage of a medieval castle on Kent Hangar Field for the shooting of The Seventh Son. It’s a fantasy adventure starring Jeff Bridges as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son who must find someone else with the same unique lineage so they can continue his work fighting evil spirits. Not many details about the film exist beyond the IMDB page, but I hope they don’t play this movie completely straight. I’d love to see The Dude battling evil in medieval times.

Source: YVRshoots

Hungry Fins: The Game Chows Down On Kickstarter

Vancouver Developer PepperDev Studios has 9 days left on its Kickstarter fund to develop Hungry Fins: The Game. It’s a 2-D Survival scrolling game starring a fish named Fins as he navigates randomly generated terrain in search of food, friends, and refuge from evil broccoli. A $5 donation gets you a full copy of the game, but there are also prizes like T-shirts, Soundtracks, and private beta tests for higher level donors. Check out Hungry Fins: The Game today!


Get Your Geeky Drink on in Jelly Form with this Minecraft Dirt Block Jelly Shot

Hey Folks! Do you like Minecraft? Do you like Jelly? Do you Like drinking? Then today is your lucky day! My friend Tarra has started an awesome blog about geeky jelly shots to spice up your next convention room party. This scintillating memorial to all of the dirt blocks we had to destroy to build our 50-story dong castles is a mixture of coffee, kahlua, irish cream liqueur, and pistachio pudding. Try out this recipe and enjoy!

Source: Jigglygeek Jelly Shots.