The Secret Circle Searches for a New Network

Even though the CW was pretty final in its cancellation of The Secret Circle, the show’s fans and producers hope to find the show a new home on a different network. ABC family has been named as a prime candidate, as well as Arrested Development‘s saviour Netflix. However, fans have started a Make-a-Wish to Save-a-Witch campaign to raise $20,000 for the Make-a-wish foundation and to gain the attention of MTV, where they believe the show would fit in perfectly with Teen Wolf. At least Make-a-Wish is a better idea than taking out an ad in Variety.


Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian’s mobile dev teams up with Unreal Engine

New details have emerged about Industrial Toys, the mobile game developer created by Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian. It seems that the company has signed a multi-title deal with Epic Games to use their Unreal Engine, which was used to great success in the Infinity Blade series. Industrial Toys is billing itself as a core gaming company, so it’s not likely your going to see just another Popcap or Zynga clone from them in the near future.

Source: Gamasutra

Giant Lego R2-D2 Menaces OakRidge Mall

The Lego store did not just open in Oakridge Mall. No, this was a full-scale conquest. The Lego store was not content being the most awesome store in the mall, it had to erect a giant effigy of dominance to show the Gap who was in charge around here. The statue would only be appeased by sacrifices from the food court and small children left unattended in the play area. All hail Giant R2-D2!

Source: Within a Flash of Lightning.