This Cat Needs More Pylons

Seattle Costume and Prop Whiz Bill Doran has created some sweet lamps based on the Protoss Power Pylons from Starcraft. Handy for meditation, studying, or powering your kitteh, these babies are welcome addition to any living room ensemble. We need more Pylons! Hit the jump for more Pylons and kittehs.

Source: Punished Props via Facebook
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One fan donates $5,100 to Save “The Secret Circle”

The Make-a-Wish drive to save  The Secret Circle is making some impressive headway with $7,500 donated so far. $5,100 of that take was generated by a single donor! One of the show’s executive producers, Andrew Miller, was moved by this donation to set up a charity auction himself. The series certainly has a lot of staying power for such a short run. Maybe it’s destined to be the fantasy genre’s version of Firefly.