Not Even A DVD for The Secret Circle?

Fate has taken a turn for the cruel for the fans of The Secret Circle. Warner Brothers has announced that they will not be opting for a Season 1 DVD set. The episodes can still be downloaded on iTunes (and *cough* isohunt), but this is an insult even Firefly fans didn’t have to suffer. With the Geek lobby larger, powerful, and more organized, it sounds TV execs have made teenage YA fans the new marginalized group du jour.

Source: Zap2it.

Microsoft Debuts SmartGlass at E3

Okay, so there is something interesting coming out of E3. Microsoft’s SmartGlass system is an interface that will allow any tablet or mobile device to connect with Xbox and Window PCs. This will allow for more seamless video streaming and even the possibility of secondary controller system for the Xbox, putting a hole in the WiiU’s sails. For all the frustration that Microsoft has caused in the past, it’s good to see that they’re still willing to step up their game when times get tough.

Source: The Washington Post

Steam for Linux Coming in 2012

Well, there goes the OEM market for Windows. In a one-word e-mail to a fan (the word was “yes”) the Gaben hath confirmed that Linux will be getting a native steam client in 2012. This is surely to greatly reduce the amount of tweaking needed to play games on Linux and might seriously affect the operating system’s market share on PCs. With the playing field levelled like this, are the OS wars about to heat up again?

Source: The Escapist