Penny Arcade Returns to Crowdsourcing.

Once upon a time, Penny Arcade was not the sprawling media empire you see before you. It used to be just two unemployed guys who relied on the fan community to donate their money to keep them from working at a PetCo or some other God-forsaken place. While advertisers have taken the place of donations, Gabe and Tycho feel that the time is nigh for a return to form.

Penny Arcade has started a Kickstarter to go ad-free for a year. The 250k minimum will remove the leaderboard ad from the site. $1 million will remove the scourge of advertising from the site completely for one year. This move is highly experimental, and full versions of the comic in the RSS feed are probably the beginning. I still want to see a video of Gabe shouting donors’ names as he chases ducks, though.

Source:Penny Arcade

Rockstar Vancouver, The Development Team Behind Max Payne 3, Closes Down | RipTen Videogame Blog

Max payne 3Hot on the heels of Radical Entertainment’s closure, Rockstar Vancouver has now closed its doors and will be moving any and all operations to Toronto. The 35-person studio started life as Barking Dog Studios. They were responsible for such classics as Global Operations and Homeworld: Cataclysm (When are we seeing an HD version of that game? Honestly.) Their last game, Max Payne 3, sold over 3 million copies in its first week, but even that was not enough to keep the studio’s doors open. Vancouver needs to drop the AAA branch plant mentality pretty damn quick. We’re running out of studios to close and game designers to lay off.

Source: RipTen Videogame Blog

Valve Introduces Steam Greenlight

Greenligh SOON

So many video game projects are started through Crowdsourcing. Kickstarter and IndieGogo have been a godsend to many (increasingly numerous) unemployed game creators.  Unfortunately, not much oversight exists for these websites, and there is little to stop fund recipients from pocketing the donations and walking away.

So Valve says to itself, we’ve got money, the games will be released through OUR platform, why don’t we let our community choose which games get released? This August, Valve will be releasing Steam Greenlight, a platform where game developers can submit their concepts and have them voted on by the Steam community. The winning projects will be distributed on the Steam Store, at which time the burgeoning community that the developers have built will buy the game with real shiny money! It’s democratic, it’s meritocratic, and it’s free for gamers!


Source: Steam Community