Fight Con Funk with Cosplay Medics

We all know the smell. Corn chips mixed with grease, sweat and sadness. It is…Con Funk. Only one company has stepped up to combat this scourge…Cosplay Medics! And you can help them in their quest to make Con Funk a thing of the past by donating to their IndieGogo campaign! You can also head to their Etsy shop where you can find spray for costumes, crossplay lipstick, and other handy accessories. Hurry though! There are only 16 days left!

Source: Cosplay Medics

Kotatsu 2012 Cosplay Gallery


The National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre opened its doors Saturday and Sunday to Kotatsu, a decidedly anime cure for the mid-winter blues hosted by the fine folks at Irlevents. There were vendors, panels, DDR, karaoke and most importantly, cosplayers! Hit the jump link for our full gallery!
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V-Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

A wide variety of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime costumes were on display at V-con 2011 at the Sheraton Airport hotel in Richmond BC. Guests of honor included Larry Niven, Jean-Pierre Normand, and Lisa Lassek.