Vancouver hosts the last Stargate Creation Convention

The final Stargate convention to be held by Creation Entertainment is to be held at the Metrotown Hilton this weekend. Guests include Christopher Judge, David Hewlett, and Joe Flanigan. This signifies the end of an era for Creation Conventions. For years, they were able to hold intimate convention experiences with many of the actors that worked in all 3 Stargate series. This by no means signifies the end of the Creation Convention experience in Vancouver, however. Creation Entertainment will return for a Supernatural TV series convention in August.

Source: GateWorld.

PAX Registration Opens…Sorta?

This would usually be the post where I talk about how PAX Prime registration opened yesterday, how long it took for them to sell out, and you better find a scalper now, yada yada. However, the good folks at Penny Arcade decided to go for a new provider for their registration system. They went looking for Engine Yard, but unfortunately they found BCeSis instead.

Here’s where we’re at:
#1. We tried a new registration vendor this year. It….didn’t work out. We are going back to our previous vendor and registration should be set up next week.

#2. For those of you who have successfully registered, we’ll shoot you an email next week to confirm your registration.

#3. We’re really sorry about this =(.

Oh well, better luck next time guys. ūüôā

Source: PAX Prime.

Comic Con in Dubai

I realize this story is a little out of the way for Raingeek, but it was so fascinating I just had to share it. Dubai has just held its first film and comic convention last weekend, with guests such as John Rhys-Davies from Indiana Jones and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. Of there was lots of cosplay, and even a zombie walk. What makes this so incredible is that this is happening in Dubai of all places! This is the same country that’ll lock you up if you so much as step on a joint of marijuana. Even a country like this can loosen up and let a lonely stormtrooper have some fun. It’s stories like this that remind me that these conventions are ultimately a force for good in this world.

Source:The National.

FanExpo Vancouver 2012 Photo Gallery

Now, what would any good convention be without Cosplay? Vancouver brings out its best Comic Book costumes out against the backdrop of the beautiful Vancouver Convention Center!

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Fanexpo Con Report

After 17 years of entertaining in Toronto (a.k.a the center of the universe), the organizers of FanExpo decided it was time for Vancouver to have a comic convention of its very own. While Vancouver has has had many anime, sci-fi and comic conventions before, it hasn’t really been able to scale up its events for those world-famous convention centres it has down at the water front. Anime Evolution was probably the nearest contender, with well over 6,000 attendees at its 2010 outing.

The Vancouver Convention Centre is a gorgeous place to hold a fan event. It’s a shame there hasn’t been one there before. FanExpo took place on the lower level of the West building, which opened in 2009. The opportunities for cosplay photography are exquisite. You have the sails of Canada place, a clear view to the North Shore, the Olympic Torch sight, as well as Portal Park across the street. It’s got that right mix of nature and futuristic cityscapes that make for great shots.

The organizers of FanExpo were expecting to merely break even with 12,000 attendees. They blew that figure out of the water with over 20,000 attendees. People were lined up out the block to get in, and by noon they had completely sold out. And this is with almost zero promotion on the convention’s part! The Canadian Video Game awards had no problems giving out all their tickets within minutes. Last year, they had to get their audience to bunch up at the front so they would look like they had an actual crowd.¬†Much kudos needs to go to the staff of the FanExpo and the convention centre, who were extremely professional at keeping the foot traffic moving.

The exhibitors hall was very impressive, even though they weren’t expecting this many people. The guests were positioned at the back of the hall, and were quite accessible for anyone who wanted to walk up and say hi.

Our cosplayers had a great turnout for the many first-time con-goers at the convention. The 501st legion and the Ghostbusters of BC held some great booths this year and took lots of pictures with the attendees. There wasn’t much room for any giant “hall-sweeper” type costumes, but rest assured, with a venue this size we will definitely see more elaborate costumes next year.

I can definitely say that Vancouver has really joined the big leagues of cons with FanExpo Vancouver. This town was hungry for a convention, and FanExpo delivered in spades. We’ll see more of what our fair city can do when Anime Revolution comes to the convention centre in August. I hope to see you there!

See You at Fan Expo Vancouver!

In case you haven’t noticed, Fan Expo Vancouver is coming to the Vancouver Convention Center this weekend! This will be the first Vancouver incarnation of the 17 year old Toronto Event. Guests include Lou Ferrigno, Adam West, Burt Ward, Marina Sirtis, Kevin Sorbo and a whole lot more than you can shake a phaser at! There will also be the Canadian Video Game Awards, Cosplay, and tons of exhibitors. I’ll be spending Saturday at the convention, so keep watching this space for photos and con report next week!

PAX PRIME 2012 info released on PAX Forums

A Wild FAQ appears for PAX Prime 2012! User SmallLady has posted some information confirming the gaming mega-conventions dates at August 31st, September 1st and 2nd 2012. Also of note, badges will NOT be printed with attendees names on them, which will lead to speculation on how the convention organizers plan to combat the problem of counterfeit badges. Over 5,000 badges were faked for PAX last year, leading to some situations that looked like something out of Soylent Green. The badges will be going on sale at the end of April.

Source: Penny Arcade Forums

Reboot Communications Refactors Vancouver Game Conventions

Reboot Communications has been hosting events ¬†Vancouver International Games Summit ¬†and Game Developer’s Conference since 2007, but this year, they have cancelled plans to hold more events in Vancouver. In two weeks they will be organizing the Canadian Video Game awards at Fan Expo Vancouver. Apparently they were offering free admission to unemployed game developers to boost their attendance numbers.

I can’t believe that events like this are having trouble when even small events like the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo was breaking fire codes. Pro Conventions are great, but when you have that kind of energy coming from the fan community, is there no way you can harness that?

VCON 37 Welcomes Academie Duello, Caustic Soda, and FrankenStuffies

V-Con has recently updated their programming schedule!

Academie Duello: Vancouver’s premier sword fighting school has returned for more demonstrations of the up close and personal deadly arts. The rapier, longsword, sidesword, grappling, knife, pole weapons, and more will all be on display and deftly handled by the skilled touch of their students.

Caustic Soda: Toren Atkinson, Kevin Leeson and Joe Fulgham will be on hand for a live recording of the Caustic Soda podcast! Every episode, the trio takes horrible topics like Ebola and Shark attacks and turns it an “easily-digestible bubbling paste of funny.”

FrankenStuffies Workshop: Who knows what felted horrors may emerge? The Frankenstuffies workshop takes apart unrelated stuffed animals and stitches them back together…for science! Build a bear indeed…muahahaha…

V-Con 37 will be held on September 27-30 at the Sheraton Hotel in Guildford.


Aka-con relived on The Mike Toole Show

Mike Toole over at the Anime News Network has written a blog post full of Anime convention war stories. You know the kind, long line-ups, sparse guest lists, and barely there budgets? He brings up one convention in particular that keeps coming up in these war stories. Vancouver’s first attempt at an anime convention: Aka-con.

The thing was, Aka-Kon had a rough time taking care of their guests; they had a decent list of visitors, but not a whole lot of cash, so some of the arriving voice actors and artists found themselves on the hook for shuttle fares, meals, and appallingly, even hotel rooms. One pal in particular told me of a Friday night guest dinner where the poor guest relations chief was only given $50 from the con’s war chest to entertain the guests, who had to foot their own bills.

You’d think after all the drama of Anime Evolution that Vancouver would be able to live that debacle down, but I you just can’t beat embezzlement, drug scandals, and a crazy scheme to fund a convention through the sales of an original anime porno. Oh well.


Source:Anime News Network.