Fringe To Return for a Proper Sendoff in its 5th Season

Fringe’s Twitter revival campaign appears to have worked, and Fox has ordered a 13 episode Fifth season to air this fall. This might be an abbreviated last kick at the can, but I believe every show should get a chance end off properly. After all, television is an art, not an industrial process. There are some anime shows that only lasted for 1 season that are still kicking out spin-offs and trading figures, and I think they can all owe that solid legacy to a tight ending and fewer filler episodes.

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Two Endings For ‘Fringe’ Season 4 Have been Filmed

Fringe’s John Noble revealed some tidbits about the upcoming Fringe Season 4 Finale. Since the show’s current fate is in flux, the producers decided to shoot two endings, one that leaves the series open to a new season, and another that wraps Fringe for good. Both endings will deal with Olivia’s supposed predestined death.
the episode airs April 20 on Fox.


Tweet #WhereYouBelong to save Fringe

The producers of Fringe have gone to twitter in a last ditch attempt to save their favourite show from cancellation. The hashtag¬†#WhereYouBelong was seen during last week’s episode, causing fans to tweet and speculate about its meaning. Fox has decided to show new hashtags for each of the 7 new episodes left in Fringe’s run, but will it be enough to save the show?

The First ever Fringe Fan Event is taking place in Vancouver on August 10-12, and pre-reg passes have already sold out! The show may have enough juice for a 5th season yet.


Source: Reviews on the Run