Raingeek Rant: Hunger Games Success Releases The Nimrods

The Hunger Games is just yet another example of why I should go into a media blackout as soon as I start enjoying something popular. I saw the movie last weekend. It was a tight action film that let its actors and director of photography tell the story rather than CGI and other action set-pieces. Anything about the story that seemed outlandish or improbable was quickly over-shadowed by the depth and dimension of the characters. I liked this film, and with it’s $155m box office gross, I thought I could go to the internet and have my experience validated. Like an idiot.

I know no film can possibly win over every critic, but the hype behind this film just brought every crazy out of the woodwork. First there were the reviewers who think Jennifer Lawrence is too fat to play a starving person. Are you kidding me?! This is further proof that heterosexual men have no control over how women are portrayed in the media. I hope to god she doesn’t listen to them, because if Lawrence is presenting at the Oscars, and I  see sternum poking out from that versace dress, I’m going have to choke out some film critics.

Next there was this whole rash of tweets flaring disappointment that Rue, an African American character from the book, was black! With the hashtag #sticktothebooksDUDE no less! I was prepared for people snarking that District 11 was the black district or that District 4 was the ginger district, but not this! Thankfully all of the offending twitter accounts were rendered private or removed, proving that there’s some justice against ignorance on the internet.

While these are just the more bizarre examples, I think they all come from the same place. People just want to find fault in everyone’s favourite book/movie/video game just so they can sound like they have more taste than everyone else. It happens with Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings Movies, Star Wars, every nerd property you can think of. Speaking as a survivor from the era of the Roger Corman Fantastic Four, we are so Goddamned entitled. There is such a glut of entertainment out there, everyone can find what they like. What benefit do you get from pissing in other people’s cornflakes? Or better yet, if you can’t find something you like, create something you like so you can be more like a boon instead of a pox on society!

‘The Hunger Games’ Grosses $155M for Lion’s Gate

The movie version of Suzanne Collins’ novel The Hunger Games is now officially the 3rd highest grossing film opening of all time, behind Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($169.2M) and The Dark Knight ($158.4M). It also beat out every opening for the Twilight films so far! The film is also the highest grossing film ever for the Vancouver-based Lion’s Gate Productions. Their last hit at this level was Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which grossed $119M over its entire theatre run. Even thought the film production was located in North Carolina, this can only mean good things for production here in Vancouver. If only we could get our tax situation settled…


Source: Box Office Mojo.

Seattle PI Liveblogs The Hunger Games Q & A

Tim Hall, a blogger over at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, was on hand at the Hunger Games event at the University Mall in Seattle. Here’s his synopsis of the goings on.

  • The event planners and security let the rest of the kids on the outside get into the gated area. Awesome move by them. Those kids were so excited. I know because my ears hurt.
  • Talked to a woman who’s been in line since 9:00PM. Not 9:00AM. And yes, a grown woman. These Hunger Games fans are taking fandom to new heights.
  • When Jennifer, Josh, and Liam came walking out the Microsoft Store it got really loud. It felt like a Seahawks game.
  • I saw multiple kids crying, shaking, and crying some more. I wonder if I met Ken Griffey Jr. when I was 14 if I would’ve reacted like this.
  • Liam Hemsworth kept looking to my side of the stage causing the girl behind me to scream incredibly loud, regardless of how close she was to my ears.
  • The Q&A went well. The cast members answered questions from the crowd. I recorded the Q&A but all that came out was AHHHAAAAAAA and WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEEEEEEEEE! I think every cast member was asked to prom.
  • There was more crying and more screaming. These kids were losing it more and more every minute.
  • The cast members waved goodbye just like that it was over.

It sounds like the live event organizers once again underestimated the popularity of a young adult novel, and poor Tim had to go home with a tape recorder full of nothing but screaming. It still sounds like the fans had fun, and the opening night of the film will be nothing short of a gong show.


The Stars of the Hunger Games at University Village on March 10th

As if the fan frenzy wasn’t enough, the Hunger Games Movie is having a mall tour across America, and it’s going to be in Seattle this Saturday! Stars of the movie Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson will be present for a Q & A session at the University Mall on March 10th. So Katniss, Gale, and Peeta are all going to be in the same mall food court this weekend. I hope the mall’s equipped with riot gear.


Lion’s Gate Films Share Price Rises due to Hunger Games

According the Bloomberg, Vancouver-based company Lion’s Gate films is experiencing a surge in share price due to the upcoming release of the Hunger Games movie. While the movie was filmed in North Carolina, could Lion’s Gate Films’ good fortune translate to more production in Vancouver?

Source: Bloomberg