Giant Lego R2-D2 Menaces OakRidge Mall

The Lego store did not just open in Oakridge Mall. No, this was a full-scale conquest. The Lego store was not content being the most awesome store in the mall, it had to erect a giant effigy of dominance to show the Gap who was in charge around here. The statue would only be appeased by sacrifices from the food court and small children left unattended in the play area. All hail Giant R2-D2!

Source: Within a Flash of Lightning.

LEGO Store at Oakridge Opens May the Fourth

Vancouver is getting its first Lego Store at Oakridge Mall this weekend, and it’s holding a grand opening celebration from May 4th to 6th to celebrate! There will be plenty of give-aways, and you can check out their various kits of say, Frank Lloyd Wright buildings…or you can build racing cars…I think they might have a few of those Lego friends kits…ah screw it. We’re all going for the Star Wars Lego, aren’t we? I thought so.

Source: Vancouver Blog Miss604

Penny Arcade Official Lego Set

At Lego Cuusoo, someone has deemed it necessary to create a Penny Arcade Lego Set. As you can see, the proposed set comes with Tycho, Gabe, and Div, the drunken obsolete piece of technology. There also plans at the site for the infamous “Fruit Friend” robot who, among other things, enjoys touching people’s hair at night. If the project gets enough votes, soon you can get Gabe and Tycho, to uh, play video games on a tiny couch near you very soon.

Source: Lego Cuusoo