Bungie founder Would be “Surprised” If Microsoft Messed up on Halo 4

Bungie Founder Alex Seropian spent some time telling Gamespot about his new Mobile Game Development Company, Industrial Toys. Near the end of the interview, Gamespot asked Seropian what he thought of Halo 4 being helmed by 343 Industries and Microsoft. He had this to say:

 I don’t think I can be anything other than hopeful that it will be great. We’ll see. Halo is one of the crown jewels in the Microsoft gaming IP, if not the crown jewel, so you would expect nothing less than for them to take the time needed and apply the resources needed to make it great. I would be pretty surprised if they whiffed it. Maybe it will bring a fresh perspective, and that’s so hard because there’s so many fans that are used to a particular thing that bringing something new is often…it’s hard to bring something new to a franchise that’s so established. I’m looking forward to it.



343 Industries heads to the Firing Range for Halo 4

As any good sound designer knows, for the right sound you need to go to the source. Halo Developer 343 Industries has posted a video of one of their more involved recording sessions out on a desert firing range. They fire off machine guns, assault rifles, and mortars to get the samples they’ll sweeten into everything from small pistols to Forerunner death rays. I’m hope that they giv Master Chief’s assault rifle an update. Halo 3’s battle rifle makes it sound like a dollar store toy.

Source: Halo Waypoint

Xbox Live Indie Games Coming to Windows Phone, Sort of.

To promote Indie games on Xbox Live Arcade, a group of independent game developers have taken matters into their own hands. They’re releasing an app called XBLIG Companion, which scours the RSS feed from XboxIndies.com. Users can then use the phone’s integration with Xbox 360 to buy and download the games to their console. Kudos to the developers for showing initiative, but with the way Microsoft has been treating the indie channel, it might be a better idea just to develop for Windows phone 7 directly.


Source: SlashGear.

Xbox 360 Indie Games Get More Visible With Dashboard Update

Xbox just updated their dashboard software to ensure that their indie games would still have a place in front of the eyes of gamers. The dashboard’s last update in November had the indie games hidden behind a separate game type. However, the new dashboard update is only being rolled out in North America, and critics like Tim Schafer have mentioned that it may be to late for XBLA as a platform for indie games. Other services like Steam, the Apple App Store, and the Android Marketplace have stepped in to fill the void with superior patching capabilities more transparent approval processes.


Microsoft is Metacritic’s Best Game Publisher 2011

According the Critic Aggregator Metacritic, Microsoft was the highest rated video game publisher in 2011, beating out Nintendo and Sony respectively. The software giant had 90+ critic scores of Forza 4 and Gears of War. However, most of their lead comes from XBLA games such as Iron Brigade and Joe Danger: Special Edition. Rounding out the top five were Nintendo, Sony Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Square Enix. You can check out the full report here.


Source LazyGamer.

Xbox Indie Developer Blames New Dashboard For Low Downloads

The latest Xbox live Update has done more than put more Axe ads on your Xbox 360. Kris Steele, creator of Hypership: Out of Control has discovered that the new interface has reduced the first day trial downloads of the Hypership sequel fall by over 50%. Anyone who goes on the new dashboard will only find indie games stashed under a tile called “game type” and new indie titles are not being shown in the same category as the official XBLA games or games on demand. Microsoft claims that the indie games section is still profitable, but with this kind of treatment, one has to wonder if their faith is waning.

Source: Gamasutra

Halo: Helljumper

Filmmaker Dan Wang has produced what seems to be the prettiest Halo Fan film ever. Halo: Helljumper follows the life of one ODST soldier as he makes his way from boot camp to the front lines of the convenant war. The dialogue is a little “on the nose”, but the lighting, visual effects, and editing are pitch perfect. If they can get this kind of production value from a fan film, it’s a wonder that Microsoft doesn’t finance, produce and distribute the Halo film instead of having to deal seven levels of development hell.


Source: Halo Helljumper

Microsoft Confirms: No New Xbox for 2012

Lately there’s been a flurry of rumours over the next Xbox console, from reports about its GPU to the ongoing debate about it not playing used games. However, Cedrick Delmas, Marketing director for Xbox’s French division, said that no new consoles would be out before the end of 2012. The current Xbox Kinect is selling well in France, and a new machine would only serve to undermine that success.

Analysts point to a Fall 2013 release as a more likely date. Microsoft may still seek to steal some of Nintendo’s thunder at this year’s E3 to garner attention away from Nintendo’s WiiU, which launches in late 2012.

Source: Cinemablend