Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop is Closed For the Season

Friend of the Blog Ivy Fong sent in some super charming photos of Mr. Gold’s pawn shop from Once Upon A Time, which is currently shut down until production begins again in July.

Once Upon a Time Season Finale Pics

Hollywood North on Location has posted some on-set pictures of the Season Finale of Once Upon a Time. The possibly spoiler-iffic images can be found here.

Hollywood North On Location.

Once Upon a time Location Photos

More location photos from Once Upon a Time have surfaced over at Hollywood North on Location. The pics show Mayor Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) at the door of her mansion squaring off with Sheriff Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) over some papers. This may be a scene from the show’s forthcoming Alice in Wonderland episode. Hopefully that’s when Emma will finally be able to trip up the Mayor’s quest to ruin everything and everyone in Storybrooke.

Source: Hollywood North On Location

Fraser Valley Shout Out in “Once Upon a Time”


I’m sure nobody West of Langley is going to care, but during last week’s Once Upon a Time, a plot-critical piece of property was located at Old Yale Road, which actually exists, and there’s actually forest at that address. Neat, eh?