Prototype 2: Colossal Mayhem DLC Released, Excessive Force to Follow

Prototype 2 has only been tearing up the charts for 2 weeks and already the first DLC pack has dropped. Prototype 2: Colossal Mayhem gives players 3 new skins for their ridiculously overpowered anti-hero as well as new weapons and abilities including the “Thermobaric Boomstick”. The DLC costs about $5, but if you bought the Blackwatch collector’s edition you can pick up the content for free. The next DLC pack, dubbed “Excessive Force”, is due to be released on May 29th.

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Prototype 2 Glitches Hit Youtube

Prototype 2 has already started tearing up the video game charts, but as with any sandbox video game, some glitches and bugs have slipped through the cracks with hilarious consequences. Take this one clip above where the enemy just kind of carries you around with his brain. Buddy can’t be bothered to brutally swing you around his head. More of these clips can be found over at


Prototype 2 gets Blackwatch Collector’s Edition

Activision has released a trailer for the Collector’s Edition of Prototype 2. The $80 Blacknet Edition contains the game, the Radnet content, an artbook, a digital version of the darkhorse comic, a soundtrack CD, and a coupon for Prototype merchandise. The only thing missing is one of those foam armswords they were handing out at PAX.


Radical Entertainment’s “Prototype 2” gets a comic book via Dark Horse

On February 15th, Dark Horse plans to release a three-issue miniseries based on the open-world superhero beat-em up, Prototype 2. The comic will bridge the story gap between the first game and the sequel, which is due later in 2012.

Studio head at Radical, Ken Rosman explained: “With this partnership, our fans will finally be given answers to some dramatic loose ends from the first Prototype game, as well as the truth behind Alex Mercer’s descent and evolution into a twisted shadow of his former self for Prototype 2.”

So now we all can find out how our favourite grimdark videogame super hero became even more…grimdark. I suppose that’s possible…