The Secret Circle Fans Send 300LBS of coins to ABC Family

In their latest appeal to save The Secret Circle, fans of the show delivered 300 lbs of plastic gold coins to the studios of ABC family. They also dropped off an appeal letter to president of the network, Michael Riley. I’m not sure how much good this is going to do to get the show back, but you have to admire The Secret Circle fans for their gusto.


Costumes from The Secret Circle found at Studio Liquidation Sale


YVRshoots caught sight of some of the outfits from The Secret Circle being sold at the North Shore Studio’s Liquidation sale last week. I wonder how many of these outfits made it to eBay?

Source: yvrshoots

One fan donates $5,100 to Save “The Secret Circle”

The Make-a-Wish drive to save  The Secret Circle is making some impressive headway with $7,500 donated so far. $5,100 of that take was generated by a single donor! One of the show’s executive producers, Andrew Miller, was moved by this donation to set up a charity auction himself. The series certainly has a lot of staying power for such a short run. Maybe it’s destined to be the fantasy genre’s version of Firefly.


The Secret Circle Searches for a New Network

Even though the CW was pretty final in its cancellation of The Secret Circle, the show’s fans and producers hope to find the show a new home on a different network. ABC family has been named as a prime candidate, as well as Arrested Development‘s saviour Netflix. However, fans have started a Make-a-Wish to Save-a-Witch campaign to raise $20,000 for the Make-a-wish foundation and to gain the attention of MTV, where they believe the show would fit in perfectly with Teen Wolf. At least Make-a-Wish is a better idea than taking out an ad in Variety.


Star Trek’s John De Lancie to guest star in “The Secret Circle”

John De Lancie aka Q from Star Trek:TNG is set to appear in CW’s The Secret Circle in April. The Secret Circle is about a girl named Cassie Blake who discovers she is descended from a long line of witches. She and her friends use her powers to defend the town of Chase Harbor, Washington from all manner of eldritch nasties. John De Lancie plays the grandfather of  one of Cassie’s friends Jake Armstrong. He will be revealing certain things about events 16 years ago that may have led to the death of Jake’s parents. The episode airs on April 19, 2012.

Source: Subspace Communique