Pulse Lets You Play as a Blind Person

Team Pixel Pi, a group formed from the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program, have come up with Pulse, a game that guides you through a world entirely experienced through sound. You play the part of Eva, a girl who has been struck blind, as she searched for her lost brother in a strange forest. She uses creatures called Mokos that make noise and “light” her way through the game world. Although the game is sight-based, everything you see is defined by the way sound bounces off of it. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Team Pixel Pi website.

Video game lets players immerse themselves in world of the blind – The Globe and Mail.

Vancouver Film School Showcases Game Design Final Projects

A litany of all-nighters, coffee-IV drips, and top ramen diets has paid off for the students of Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program. The student body has released their final projects to the public and a panel of industry professionals that just might give them their first jobs. The first of these is Terra, a cel-shaded action platformer, then we have Otherside, a 3D Puzzle Action Platformer, Terminus Station, a harrowing trip through a cursed subway station, and There and Back, a 2D platformer that allows you to switch places with our shadow. All of these games are downloadable from the VFS Website, so head on down and take them for a spin!

Source:VFS Blog

VFS Game Design Scholarships Deadline is February 29th

The application deadline for Vancouver Film School’s 2012 Game design program is occurring on February 29th. G4Tech TV, Annex Pro, Radical, Slant Six Games, and Microsoft/BigPark are offering scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $7,000 to help students achieve their Game industry dreams. The program covers everything from programming and 3D animation to interactive storytelling and professional networking. The Application kit for these and the Women in Games scholarships can be found here at http://gamedesignexpo.com/scholarships/.

Source: VFS Blog.

It’s All in the Game as Students Pitch to Their Industry Peers – VFS Blog

Grads of the Vancouver Film School’s Game design program have posted their projects for their presentations to industry professionals. Among the projects were the facebook game Zombie-Kiri as well as more atmospheric pieces like Falling to Pieces and In Plain Sight. Links to all of the projects can be found here.

SourceVFS Blog.

Vancouver Film School Students Create Their First Facebook game

With the success of games like Farmville and The Sims Social, it’s only natural that the students at the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design program would want to take a crack at Facebook gaming glory. The game is called Zombie-Kiri, where you play a hoverboard-riding Ninja looking to rescue your friends from a zombie apocalypse while they perform an annoying dance for you. Look, just play the game, okay?



Literacy Causes the Apocalypse in this short film

This short by Vancouver Film School Student Beto Gomez is either a sober look at the dangers of reading, or the greatest exercise in reverse psychology ever.

Source: io9