Welcome to Raingeek! My name is James Strocel, and this is RainGeek.com, your portal to Sci-fi, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming and Cosplay events in British Columbia and Washington!

We’ll do Oregon too if there’s enough complaining. 🙂

When I went to my first anime convention back in 2001, I thought I would find a few vendors from local comic shops working at some card tables, and perhaps a video room going. At the time I had just finished an IT practicum at a surprisingly nerdless company where nobody had any aspirations past their next Mexico vacation. What I found at the con was an alternate dimension of pure nerd frenzy. A third of the attendees were cosplaying. At the masquerade contest, somebody had created a Deathscythe Gundam costume with a 12-foot wingspan. The guests of honor were hanging with their fans at the hotel room parties telling ribald tales of their shenanigans in Japan. I also met friends there that eventually spoke at my wedding.

I’ve seen these conventions go from 1,000 attendees, to 2,000, to 5,000, to 18,000 and beyond! And they keep multiplying! You can go to a convention once a month if you like, particularly if you live in the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver and Seattle seem to share a nexus of Geek power. We’ve got Microsoft and Valve to the South. We’ve got Relic Entertainment and Bridge Studios, (where Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, AND the X-Files were filmed) to the North.

We Geeks also like to socialize. At a convention, we can be ourselves away from the dull stares of the general public. Around here, we have a lot of opportunities to be ourselves. Between Sakuracon, V-Con, Norwescon, and Penny Acrade Expo, you need a fully functional Google Calendar just to keep track of it all! That’s where we come in.

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