Penny Arcade 3 to Launch 2 weeks Early

In a startling reversal of video game development logic, Penny Arcade has decided to release the third episode of The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness on June 25 instead of July 10. Tycho explains:

We’re committed to releasing it “When It’s Done” as they say, and it is done, so waiting until July seems dumb.  How does the 25th sound, for Steam and XBLIG?

You can’t argue with that. The game will be available on XBLIG and Steam.

Source: Joystiq

Half-Life 3 Release

There’s a reason game like Half-Life 3 get released “when they’re ready”. I don’t even want to know what QA was like on this one.


Source: Dorkly.

Neal Stephenson builds a Sword Fighting Game

Neal Stephenson, like most of us, has been disappointed with the quality of sword fighting in video games. But unlike most of us, Neal has decided to do something about it. He has started a $500k Kickstarter fund to create CLANG, the most realistic sword fighting game in existence. He plans to not only build the game, but the very tools that would create future games with proper sword combat. I believe you should donate to this fund simply based on the cameo by Gabe Newell.

CLANG by Subutai Corporation — Kickstarter.

Valve /Overkill Team-up Not a Left 4 Dead prequel by Overkill

Valve software has decided to quell some rumours regarding their upcoming collaboration with Overkill, the developers of Payday: The Heist. The new game, (if it is a game at all) will not be a prequel Valve’s 2008 hit Left 4 Dead. Instead, it will be a much smaller project that will involve co-op in some form. No matter how small the project is, if Valve’s involved, you can bet it will be a game-breaker of some kind.

An Infographic of Steve Ballmer’s Reign

MBA Online has released a rather cutting infographic of Microsoft’s performance since Steve Ballmer took over as CEO. While it is funny to see such an SEC bad boy being brought low within a decade, it won’t be good for anybody if Microsoft drops out of the innovation game entirely. Apple and Google need competitors, otherwise they are going to get too comfortable with their business models and ultimately share Microsoft’s fate.

A Microsoft “MBA” Infographic – Canadian Technology Blog. Vancouver Gadgets. Consumer Electronics, Social Media, Business..

Microsoft MBA: Over 30 Years of Innovation
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Valve game Designer Cayle George comes in2nd place in World Pinball Championships

The International Flipper Pinball Association held its 9th annual tournament last weekend on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, WA. Among the contestants was the previous year’s champion, Team Fortress 2 Level designer Cayle George, who came in 2nd behind Daniele Celestino Acciari of Italy. Contestants had a choice of games from all over the pinball lexicon, including Cyclone and Lord of the Rings.

Source: GeekWire.

Microsoft Debuts SmartGlass at E3

Okay, so there is something interesting coming out of E3. Microsoft’s SmartGlass system is an interface that will allow any tablet or mobile device to connect with Xbox and Window PCs. This will allow for more seamless video streaming and even the possibility of secondary controller system for the Xbox, putting a hole in the WiiU’s sails. For all the frustration that Microsoft has caused in the past, it’s good to see that they’re still willing to step up their game when times get tough.

Source: The Washington Post

Steam for Linux Coming in 2012

Well, there goes the OEM market for Windows. In a one-word e-mail to a fan (the word was “yes”) the Gaben hath confirmed that Linux will be getting a native steam client in 2012. This is surely to greatly reduce the amount of tweaking needed to play games on Linux and might seriously affect the operating system’s market share on PCs. With the playing field levelled like this, are the OS wars about to heat up again?

Source: The Escapist

Release Date for Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3

The quirky new installment of Penny Arcade‘s RPG series On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 is due to be released for PC, Mac, and XBLIG on July 10. The game costs $5 dollars on Steam and whatever the equivalent exchange amount is in Xbox live points. Steam’s cross-platform ability will allow you to play the game on your choice of operating system, and details will be forthcoming as to when the game will hit iOS and Android platforms.


This Cat Needs More Pylons

Seattle Costume and Prop Whiz Bill Doran has created some sweet lamps based on the Protoss Power Pylons from Starcraft. Handy for meditation, studying, or powering your kitteh, these babies are welcome addition to any living room ensemble. We need more Pylons! Hit the jump for more Pylons and kittehs.

Source: Punished Props via Facebook
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