Raingeek Rant: My “What am I doing?” Moment

So it’s 10 at night. I’ve just come off a day of cleaning, running errands, unpacking a baby crib and trying to get a hold of my family for a coming reunion. Work promises to be “interesting” tomorrow. But I’ve got my passion. I’ve got my community. I’ve got Raingeek. It’s become harder and harder to keep the site up. Your first full-time job in 3 years will do that to you. For the first time in weeks I’ve been able to sit down and get down my requisite 3 posts a day for Monday Morning. I looked through my Google alerts, and what’s my lead story? The guy who played Ryu in that crappy 1994 Jean Claude Van Damme Street Fighter Movie is going to be a guest star on the CW’s Arrow series.

That was it. My “What am I doing?” Moment.The network doesn’t even have enough faith in the series to call it The Green Arrow. They don’t want The Green Arrow. They want Smallville from season 6. Yet still, I had my finger on the bookmarklet that would make it a post that no one would read, simply because it was a TV series with a slight genre bent filming in Vancouver.

Maybe I started this site too late. Never mind the pressures of impending fatherhood, the Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest are going through some dark times right now. Our film productions are getting poached by Ontario. Microsoft, the former Monopoly bad boys, are quickly being sidelined by an impending joke of an operating system. And of course, Video Game companies can’t leave Vancouver fast enough. If this was 7 years ago, I could be reposting other people’s articles about Battlestar Galactica, the Xbox 360, and 3 different Stargate TV series!

But does the world really need something like that? There are perl scripts that can take everyone’s good news and perseverate over it. I started Raingeek because it was something I wanted to exist. I care about the local fan community in BC and Washington. This is my home and these are the people I care about. However, no matter what I do, it has to be relevant. It has to matter. I won’t be ending this blog, but I am putting a stop to the reposts. I have original content that I haven’t even posted because I wanted to maintain my schedule with other people’s work. Stuff like a Q & A with Michael Scott, author of the Nicholas Flamel series, or a pictorial of the ceiling display of Toy Traders, which is literally a Nerd Sistine Chapel. It’ll be content like this that will now make up the backbone of Raingeek. To paraphrase the philosopher, I won’t always post, but when I do, it’ll be more interviews, more local photos and will show you what it means to be a true Raingeek.