Jennifer Spence Interview on VanCity Buzz

VanCity Buzz haas posted an interview with the star of Continuum, Jennifer Spence. She talks about some of the challenges shooting the Showcase series and some of her upcoming feature film projects:

Jen: A fun little piece of trivia is we shot outside the CBC building and it doubled as one of the giant corporations in the city. We created a tent ”occupy” city and had a crowd of protestors rioting – it looked like the real deal!

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

Source: Vancity Buzz

#Continuum Wraps First Season With Big Downtown Shoot | yvrshoots has taken some photos from the Season Finale shooting of Showcase’s time travel drama Continuum. It looks like the final episode will have quite the set piece, as the had to cordon off an entire block of downtown Vancouver with 125 extras, police cars, and everything. You can see the rest of the photos here. Continuum airs on Showcase on May 27th.


Continuum Trailer Reveals Vancouver of 2077

Showcase has released a new trailer for its new series Continuum. The show features Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, a government agent who follows a group of terrorists from the year 2077 back to 2012. This shot of future Vancouver will probably only be seen in the pilot, but hopefully there will be more opportunity for futuristic whiz-bangery in our fair city as the series progresses.

Source: Twitter.