Nathan Fillion in UPS Delivery Shorts!

YVRshoots has given us a first look at Nathan Fillion as he appears playing the Greek god Hermes in Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters. Keeping true to the idea of Hermes as the God of messengers, Fillion’s character pops up in a fake UPS store wearing those iconic delivery boy shorts. The question is, does he wear the shorts to pass as mortal, or is he trying to demonstrate that he’s a god?


Nathan Fillion Plays Hermes in Percy Jackson Sequel


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nathan Fillion is set to play the Greek God Hermes in the sequel to the 2010 Percy Jackson movie. I for one consider this a point in the film’s favour. Not only does the film franchise have 100% more Fillion in it, Hermes also happens to be the father of one of the book series’ main villains. That means that they might actually introduce Kronos like they were supposed to in the first movie. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters is now filming in Vancouver.

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