Halo 4: Goodbye “Teabagging”, Hello “Victory Crouch”

The GuyDudeBro’s of FPS gaming can rest easy after 343’s announcement that it will not be removing the “Teabagging” mechanic from Halo 4. However, it has been renamed the “Victory Crouch” in order fool absolutely no one. Players in online multiplayer can simply press X to respawn and spare their corpses the shame of the “Victory Crouch”, but in split-screen multiplayer a delay can be added so that “Victory Crouch” fans can victimize or be victimized to their heart’s content.

Source: Gameranx.com.

Half-life Barnacle Ceiling Lamp

From the “Fine, I wasn’t going to sleep here anyway” school of interior decorating, some enterprising soul has created a Half-life Barnacle creature and stuck a lamp at the end of its horrible capturing tentacle. I hope there’s a wall switch. You might lose an arm trying to turn it on otherwise.

Source: So Geek Chic

Penny Arcade 3 to Launch 2 weeks Early

In a startling reversal of video game development logic, Penny Arcade has decided to release the third episode of The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness on June 25 instead of July 10. Tycho explains:

We’re committed to releasing it “When It’s Done” as they say, and it is done, so waiting until July seems dumb.  How does the 25th sound, for Steam and XBLIG?

You can’t argue with that. The game will be available on XBLIG and Steam.

Source: Joystiq

Half-Life 3 Release

There’s a reason game like Half-Life 3 get released “when they’re ready”. I don’t even want to know what QA was like on this one.


Source: Dorkly.

Neal Stephenson builds a Sword Fighting Game

Neal Stephenson, like most of us, has been disappointed with the quality of sword fighting in video games. But unlike most of us, Neal has decided to do something about it. He has started a $500k Kickstarter fund to create CLANG, the most realistic sword fighting game in existence. He plans to not only build the game, but the very tools that would create future games with proper sword combat. I believe you should donate to this fund simply based on the cameo by Gabe Newell.

CLANG by Subutai Corporation — Kickstarter.

Valve /Overkill Team-up Not a Left 4 Dead prequel by Overkill

Valve software has decided to quell some rumours regarding their upcoming collaboration with Overkill, the developers of Payday: The Heist. The new game, (if it is a game at all) will not be a prequel Valve’s 2008 hit Left 4 Dead. Instead, it will be a much smaller project that will involve co-op in some form. No matter how small the project is, if Valve’s involved, you can bet it will be a game-breaker of some kind.


Pulse Lets You Play as a Blind Person

Team Pixel Pi, a group formed from the Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program, have come up with Pulse, a game that guides you through a world entirely experienced through sound. You play the part of Eva, a girl who has been struck blind, as she searched for her lost brother in a strange forest. She uses creatures called Mokos that make noise and “light” her way through the game world. Although the game is sight-based, everything you see is defined by the way sound bounces off of it. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Team Pixel Pi website.

Video game lets players immerse themselves in world of the blind – The Globe and Mail.

Valve game Designer Cayle George comes in2nd place in World Pinball Championships

The International Flipper Pinball Association held its 9th annual tournament last weekend on Bainbridge Island near Seattle, WA. Among the contestants was the previous year’s champion, Team Fortress 2 Level designer Cayle George, who came in 2nd behind Daniele Celestino Acciari of Italy. Contestants had a choice of games from all over the pinball lexicon, including Cyclone and Lord of the Rings.

Source: GeekWire.

Sign This Petition to Help the #EXPBar!

After being foiled at ruining everyone’s fun at the Rio Theatre, the BC Liquor board has banned the use of video games in the EXP bar, Vancouver’s first video game themed restaurant. It’s always something isn’t it? Brian Vidovic has set up this petition at change.org so we can let the BC government know that we don’t take kindly to these kinds of shenanigans. The EXP bar isn’t just an attempt at a funky themed restaurant. It’s going to build community and camaraderie for a maturing industry that has for too long suffered from a branch plant mentality under the major game publishers. New companies will be born from this venture, and that’s the only thing that can make our economy grow. So sign the petition, and while you’re at it, pre-order another gift card so you can actually buy a drink too.


Microsoft Debuts SmartGlass at E3

Okay, so there is something interesting coming out of E3. Microsoft’s SmartGlass system is an interface that will allow any tablet or mobile device to connect with Xbox and Window PCs. This will allow for more seamless video streaming and even the possibility of secondary controller system for the Xbox, putting a hole in the WiiU’s sails. For all the frustration that Microsoft has caused in the past, it’s good to see that they’re still willing to step up their game when times get tough.

Source: The Washington Post