Mass Effect 3 Released Today

Bad news, folks. The Reapers have decided that Vancouver and Seattle are simply too pretty to exist and have sent mighty space fleets over impossible distances turn it all into a parking lot. Fortunately, Commander Shepard is just the man or woman to stop them. Mass Effect 3 features Kinect capabilities and an interesting look at the Pacific Northwest of the Future. Pick it up at your local game store today.


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Kotatsu 2012 Cosplay Gallery


The National Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre opened its doors Saturday and Sunday to Kotatsu, a decidedly anime cure for the mid-winter blues hosted by the fine folks at Irlevents. There were vendors, panels, DDR, karaoke and most importantly, cosplayers! Hit the jump link for our full gallery!
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Battlestar #Galactibash Gallery

The Battlestar Galactibash celebrating the end of the Battlestar Galactica Exhibit at the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle took place on Friday. Lauren Hall-Stigerts (pictured above, rocking the fatigues) was on hand to take some photos for us. The exhibit closes March 2nd, so check it out today!

Introducing the Amazon Store

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Microsoft, Amazon has decided to make its debut in Brick-and-Mortar space. The internet retail and web services giant plans to start with a small boutique store in the Seattle area focusing on their kindle tablet devices. If successful, Amazon will expand the concept to a nation-wide chain. There is no word yet as to whether they will be selling books or other merchandise through the new stores.


Aki-con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

The Bellevue Hilton was invaded, INVADED I TELL YOU by scores of cosplayers last weekend for Aki-Con 2011. Do you recognize yourself in here?

V-Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

A wide variety of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime costumes were on display at V-con 2011 at the Sheraton Airport hotel in Richmond BC. Guests of honor included Larry Niven, Jean-Pierre Normand, and Lisa Lassek.