VANCAF 2012 Con Report & Gallery

The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival was welcomed with gorgeous weather this Saturday. Northwest crowds now have a reputation for filling out events like this, and today was no exception. The convention floor was packed with attendees and exhibitors. The Yaletown Roundhouse was a great venue with a mixture of modern and historical decor. I saw and met many of my favourites here,  but I also discovered comics that I had never heard of that are hits by any objective standard.  It just goes to show how important these events are. Google’s pretty good, but it can’t introduce you to all these comics in one search query. I mean, how much is a Post-it comic like Savage Chickens going to have in common with a medieval comedy epic like Much the Miller’s Son? Hit the jump if you want to see more of pictures of the convention and the exhibitors.

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May the (groan) 4th be with you!

In celebration of Star Wars Day, I thought I would MC Chris demonstrate what twitter turns into every year on this day with a performance of the “Imperial Senate” sketch. May the 4th be with you too!

Emerald City Comicon Photos

See? I told you we were on hand at Emerald City Comicon! My buddy Theo Hua was kind enough to get some sweet shots of Seattle’s comic book tour de force. You can check out the rest of his photos after the jump, and check out his website,

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FanExpo Vancouver Gallery Part 2

Cosplay photography is one of the great joys of conventions, and FanExpo was no exception. Still, I’m not a professional photographer, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the one the best…equipment on hand. Fortunately, there are good people like Julio Chavez on hand to get the shots that I cannot! Head over to his website to see more of his great work!

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FanExpo Vancouver 2012 Photo Gallery

Now, what would any good convention be without Cosplay? Vancouver brings out its best Comic Book costumes out against the backdrop of the beautiful Vancouver Convention Center!

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 4


And here we are at the Fourth and final gallery post! Time to curl up with some green tea and DVDs and try to get over any con crud you might have picked up. See you next year!

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 3


The weather was perfect for cosplay shooting out at the Convention Center park! The crowds were intense, but the staff was stellar at keeping the foot traffic going.

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 2


This is part 2 of 4 for our Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery!

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 1


Sakuracon 2012 may be billed as an anime convention, but everyone there knows it’s all about the cosplay!  This merely part 1 of our 4 part gallery series!

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Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo in Photos