More Percy Jackson Pics from Yvrshoots (Featuring Nathan Fillion)

Susan Gittins over at YVRshoots has uncovered more shots of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. If you look real hard you find Nathan Fillion hiding in the background.

See? There he is! Check out the rest of the pics here.


Ralph Maccio Shoots Telefilm in Abbotsford

Last week, my old stomping grounds in Abbotsford turned from BC in Juneuary to Sunny Miami with the help of some fake palm trees and high-powered studio lights. “Christmas in Miami” will star the Karate Kid’s Ralph Maccio as a Dance instructor whose studio has fallen on hard times. The National Martial Arts training center served as the studio (which is a little disappointing when you think about it). Other businesses like Anne Marie’s Cafe and Mac and Mango were also used during the shoot.

Source: Abbotsford Times

The Ninja Turtles Return to Vancouver

At least there’s one aspect of the TMNT movie that won’t change. After being turned into aliens and adults, the Ninja Turtles movie has been scheduled to shoot in the summer and fall of 2012 in Vancouver, B.C. exactly like its live-action predecessor. The movie is to be directed by Wrath of the Titans‘ Jonathan Liebesman and written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The probability of your childhood being molested is still likely.

Source: TDW Geeks.

Real Housewives of Vancouver Encroaches on the BC Film Industry

I thought had heard the last of Vancouver’s foray into the realm of gossip porn, but alas it was not to be. An article from is championing the series for giving the BC film industry a new lease on life as productions move to Toronto and Australia. To top it off, we might be getting our own version of the Bachelor. So depressing. Is this what everyone going through VFS and Capilano right now is dying to produce? Are they spending two years and 5 figures learning how to create imaginary creatures who can act an emote just so they can edit together a bunch of harpies who can do neither?

I will say this about the Real Housewives: That show makes Vancouver look frakking gorgeous. If we had more shows making good use of those helicopter shots of the Sea to Sky, who’s to say we wouldn’t see more scripted television?


Camp Half Blood Rain or Shine


I’ve located a couple interesting sets of images from the set of Percy Jackson 2. Yvrshoots has some pics of the Camp Half-blood set caught under a torrential rainstorm, while Hollywood North on Location ‘s shots are depicting pure fun in the sun. It just goes to show you that Vancouver’s weather (and Zeus’ temperament for that matter) is cruel mistress indeed.

Sources: Hollywood North On Location and yvrshoots

Vancouver Film Producer in Investment Scandal


The B.C. Securities Commission has pulled the plug on a Vancouver native film producer after he was soliciting investors on Craigslist.

Yes, it looks like Paul Stiles will be trying his luck on Party Poker for a while to come now. According to BCSC enforcement staff, Stiles posted an advertisement to promote investments in his company Velocity Entertainment Inc in July and August of 2011 on Craigslist.

When an investigator posing as a prospective investor responded to the advertisement, Stiles claimed a $15,000 investment would get a 100 percent return of $30,000, within six months of the investment. All the more confusing because the initial advertisement quoted 12 percent within one year.

Stiles told the investigator that the investment was totally secure, and mailed an agreement that claimed Velocity would produce two feature films, credit the investor as a producer, and repay them with interest within six months.

The plot thickened when another advertisement was found on Craigslist in March 2012, which investigators quickly pursued. This time they were quoted returns of 20 to 30 percent within 60 days, a third of the original time quoted before.

The commission said that not only was Stiles promising an impossible rate of returns, but Velocity Entertainment was officially dissolved in 2005. It just goes to show that even in Vancouver, the movie industry attracts its share of shady characters.

This article was written by Our Partners.

The Seventh Son Movie Builds Giant Castle at Kent Hangar Field

If you head down to the corner of Boundary and Kent road in Vancouver, you should be able to see the looming visage of a medieval castle on Kent Hangar Field for the shooting of The Seventh Son. It’s a fantasy adventure starring Jeff Bridges as the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son who must find someone else with the same unique lineage so they can continue his work fighting evil spirits. Not many details about the film exist beyond the IMDB page, but I hope they don’t play this movie completely straight. I’d love to see The Dude battling evil in medieval times.

Source: YVRshoots

Wally Oppal to appear in Uwe Boll Slasher Film

Gamer Culture and BC politics clash in a story that takes a turn for the weird. Despite all the direct-to-video abortions Uwe Boll has put out, people still seem to be hiring him to make films. Stranger still, former BC judge and MLA Wally Oppal is set to play a murder victim in Boll’s latest slasher, Bail Out. The movie features an investor who goes on a killing spree of stock brokers and money managers after the 2008 financial crisis. And for the final touch on this bad taste trifecta, Oppal is currently serving as commissioner on the Missing Women Inquiry, which is trying to explain why Robert Pickton was able to run around the Downtown Eastside for almost a decade and kill almost 50 people. I think we can all agree that nothing good can come from a situation where Uwe Boll is involved.

Source: National Post.

Vancouver Stung By Wolverine’s Move to Australia

The movie industry in Vancouver is feeling a significant amount of anguish over the disappearance of the Wolverine series of movies from the Lower Mainland. According to the Vancouver Sun, the total loss was “2,000 jobs and 82 Million dollars”. The Australian government offered a $13 million tax incentive to move the production down under. With places like Ontario essentially buying productions with their tax credits, It looks like Vancouver is just going to have to accept that its movie industry is maturing. Political concerns like the scrapping of the HST aren’t helping. If we want to keep big budget productions going up here, we may have to stop relying on Hollywood to supply them and start figuring out how to get completely homegrown productions to make money.

Source: Vancouver Sun.

My Other Me Gets Funded On Kickstarter

The cosplay documentary My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter and will be getting the funds it needs to battle post production costs and shady film executives. Most of the footage was captured at Sakuracon, Anime Evolution, and Cos & Effect, so if you plunk down $60 on the kickstarter, you might be able to see you and your friends in a movie! Hurry though, there are only 4 days to go!


Source: Kickstarter