Wally Oppal to appear in Uwe Boll Slasher Film

Gamer Culture and BC politics clash in a story that takes a turn for the weird. Despite all the direct-to-video abortions Uwe Boll has put out, people still seem to be hiring him to make films. Stranger still, former BC judge and MLA Wally Oppal is set to play a murder victim in Boll’s latest slasher, Bail Out. The movie features an investor who goes on a killing spree of stock brokers and money managers after the 2008 financial crisis. And for the final touch on this bad taste trifecta, Oppal is currently serving as commissioner on the Missing Women Inquiry, which is trying to explain why Robert Pickton was able to run around the Downtown Eastside for almost a decade and kill almost 50 people. I think we can all agree that nothing good can come from a situation where Uwe Boll is involved.

Source: National Post.