New Jerseys from Dave’s Geeky Hockey

Dave Delisle at Dave’s Geeky Hockey has come up with some new Jerseys for your favourite non-existent hockey teams! You can chase the golden snitch with your favourite wizarding house, take to the ice as one of the dukes, or do a barrel roll with team Star Fox! The Jerseys are $90 each, and you can pre-order them here.



Source:Dave’s Geeky Hockey.

Vancouver Graphic Artist Creates Epic Geeky Hockey Jerseys

Let’s face it, Raingeeks. If the Vancouver Canucks, or Seattle’s forthcoming NHL team are to take over the world of hockey, they will have to widen their scope if they are to find players with the right stuff. Vancouver native Dave Delisle has rightly suggested that we look to the Geeks for future hockey glory. Dave has created some amazing hockey jerseys featuring Voltron, Link, and even Battlestar Galactica. The jerseys sell for $80 USD over at and are the perfect means by which we are to draft our perfect nerd hockey army.

Source: Yahoo! Sports