Dragon Age, Bakemonogatari and Fate/Zero to Premier at Sakura-Con

Sakura-con has listed the major anime properties that will premier next week at the convention. First is Bakemonogatari, the story of a recovering vampire who ends up solving all manner of paranormal mysteries, but mostly ones surrounding the girls at his highschool.

Fate/Zero is the prequel to the light novel and game series Fate/stay Night, where seven magi summon seven holy spirits to do battle over the power of the holy grail.

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker is an anime adaptation of the BioWare franchise of the same name. A conspiracy threatens to tear apart the ancient Templar Order, and a Seeker named Cassandra Pentaghast, is the only one who can stop it. The feature-length film contain’s one of Gackt’s latest singles, “Until the Last Day”.

Source: Sakura-Con

Sakuracon Fashion Police?!

A very odd piece of advertising came through my google alerts the other day. Some dude or production company is looking for

…two female spokesmodels / on-camera talent that have no problem walking up to and interviewing people around the convention. Think of Joan Rivers at the Oscars, you ask people where they are from, what they are dressed as, etc. This would be a great gig for two friends that would like to attend the event, and make some money while having a great time!

Costume is not required but you will need to at least dress up for the affair. Preferably, I am hoping to have at least one person who can speak fluent Japanese. The finished production will be a series of shorts that will be aired on-line, and hopefully picked up by Japanese television.

I will pay for your admission to the event, plus food and drinks, plus $50 cash for each day we shoot. We will be working for no more than 4 hours each day, so this is a quick fun and easy way to be a part of this event!

My first thought is that even for $50 day, this guy needs to manage his expectations. No one speaking fluent Japanese is going to roll out of bed for less than union scale. Second of all, while Joan Rivers at the Oscars sounds like fun, you also might end up with Joan Rivers who rips celebrities a new one each week on Fashion Police (which I do watch on a regular basis). That kind of humour is gold when your talking about an ingenue chickie wearing a $20,000 dress she didn’t pay for, but not so much when you’re talking to a broke college student who spent 72 hours on her own palatial ball gown. And then there’s the issue that this is a craigslist ad. So what do you think, internet? Is this the beginnings of a cosplay documentary that the whole family will enjoy, or is it simply code for an escort service?

Stereopony’s Message for Sakura-con


Sakura-con’s Musical guest Stereopony has recorded a very special message for their fans coming to Sakura-con next month. Apparently, this will be their first time performing on the west coast, and they discuss what they could do that’s particular to our neck of the woods. Seattle’s not much for beaches, but perhaps there’s some good hiking this time of year?

Source: Very Good Days

Sakura-con Hosts a Gothic and Lolita tea party with Fumiko Kawamura and Yuko Ashizawa

It’s no secret that with all the cosplay and lolita fashions anime conventions have turned into Tuner Shows for clothes (that’s a good thing). This year Sakura-con offers fashion fans a unique opportunity to mingle with Japan’s top designers in the Gothic Lolita genre. You can join Fumiko Kawamura of Chantilly and Yuko Ashizawa of Atelier Pierrot at the Historic Fairmont hotel for a Gothic Lolita tea party on April 5th. This is a non-cosplay event, but you can bring out your jauntiest suits and daintiest frocks to attend this 5 diamond event. Tickets are worth $50 and can be found here.

Source: Sakura-Con

Moi dix Mois and Obitsu coming to Sakura-Con

Sakura-con has two new Japanese guests for us today. The first is Moi dix Mois, which is “a sound project featuring the lyrics, composition, and programming” of Mana, fashion designer and former lead Singer of Malice Mizer. In short, it’s pretty boys meets large guitars meets larger hair equals music that is not bad for killing vampires to.


Next we have OBITSU, manufacturer of the Obitsu Kewpie doll and many other ball jointed doll products. Perfect for DEVOURING YOUR SOUL just before you head in to the Moi dix Mois concert!

Source: Sakura-con