FUNimation Announces First Mobile App at Sakura-con

One of Funimation’s bigger announcements last weekend at Sakura-con was the introduction of their first mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The free version will allow fans to see clips and trailers from their favorite shows. The $9.99 paid version will feature full streaming episodes, albeit with commercials. For $7.95, you can get the Elite subscription without any commercial interruptions. It’s great to see more companies jumping on the streaming bandwagon as DVD sales continue to tank. Does anyone know if this will work on Android Media Player set top boxes?

Source: Anime News Network.

Sakura-con Videography: How Could I have missed this many costumes?!

It’s no secret that photography is one of the joys of Anime Conventions, but if you want to capture what it’s really like to be walking around out there, you need to switch that camera to video. Every year it’s a combination of a fashion show, science fiction movie, and improv comedy workshop. MLZStudio and ShinWH0 have put together some amazing videos that show off why Sakura-con is so popular and why the Seattle convention centre is such a great venue. Check out more videos after the jump!

Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 4


And here we are at the Fourth and final gallery post! Time to curl up with some green tea and DVDs and try to get over any con crud you might have picked up. See you next year!

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 3


The weather was perfect for cosplay shooting out at the Convention Center park! The crowds were intense, but the staff was stellar at keeping the foot traffic going.

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 2


This is part 2 of 4 for our Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery!

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Sakura-con 2012 Cosplay Gallery Part 1


Sakuracon 2012 may be billed as an anime convention, but everyone there knows it’s all about the cosplay!  This merely part 1 of our 4 part gallery series!

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Sakuracon Releases Panel Schedule

Remember the days when you used to wander aimlessly the halls of Sakura-con? Well, wander no more! There are AMV’s, Panels, Cosplay, Improv, Music, Interviews, Autographs, and video rooms! Anything anime-related you couldn’t experience on the internet, you can find it here!

Source: Sakura-con

Sakura-Con Releases 15th anniversary plush

2012 marks Sakura-con’s 15th anniversary, and they’ve decided to mark the occasion by releasing a commemorative plush! Hokusai the Narwhal is designed by Speckled Owl Studio and is based on this year’s winning Mascot design. This huggable Jedi of the Sea will be available at the Sakura-con Merchandise Booth on the 4th floor of the Washington Convention Center.  A heftier version of the plush will be auctioned off over the course of the convention with all proceeds benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Source: Sakura-Con

Sakura-con Announces welcomes Kanon Wakeshima, Kawajiri Yoshiaki, et. al

Sakura-con has announced five more Japanese guests of honour this week. The new additions include Kanon Wakeshima, the Celloist/Singer responsible for the ending themes “Sand Castle” and “Still Doll” for the Vampire Knight anime series, Kawajiri Yoshiaki, the celebrated director of Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust, Atsuhiro Iwakami, producer of Puella Madoka Magica, Katsushi Ota, the editor of the literary magazines Faust and Kodansha Box, and Gen Urobochi, writer of the Fate Stay/Night Light Novels.


Carpenter’s Union Protests Sakuracon

This odd scene came in courtesy of 4chan, and if it weren’t for the supporting documentation (see gallery) I would have assumed it was another photoshop.
Apparently, the contractor responsible for the booths at Sakura-con, DWA Trade Show and Exposition Services, is in the middle of a labor dispute with the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters. According to the union,

DWA does not meet area labor standards on all of their projects, including providing or fully paying for family health care and pension, for all of their carpenter craft employees on all of their jobs

It’s pretty bizarre a Union go after an employer’s customers rather than the employer itself. Then again, Sakura-con is a high profile event, so the sign probably makes for a more effective protest. Sakura-con publicity had this to say about the situation.

Our position is that we are willing to hear out their copmplaints, but they have done next to nothing to explain themselves. They finally sent us a letter just a couple of weeks ago, far too late for us to make a change. We told them last year to contact us early before we make any hiring decisions, not weeks before out event when we can’t really do anything to make a change.

It seems this union is using our well respected, 100% volunteer, 501c3 non-profit event to garner more publicity for themselves more than they seem to be serious about working with us. It’s very disappointing. They are giving out a personal cell phone number on their flyers and unfairly maligning us to the public.