Stargate Cake

A lucky Stargate fan’s girlfriend decided to bake him his favourite cake for his birthday. The rest of the internet benefits!

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Gateworld Covers The Unreleased Stargate SG-1:Alliance FPS Game

Gateworld has released an exposé on the fate of another Stargate SG-1 Video game, Alliance. Stargate was licensed to Perception Studios to make a PC and Playstation 2 first person shooter. Unfortunately, the project fell apart in 2006, likely a casualty of the shaky transition between console generations. The game features voice work from the actual cast of the show, including the late Don S. Davis. Between this and the unfortunate Stargate Worlds MMO, it seems like so much money has been left on the table by MGM over Stargate. Then again, this may be an opportunity for the franchise to breath for while until we are ready to step through the gate once again.


Stargate SG-1 composer Joel Goldsmith Passes Away at 54

Stargate fans everywhere are in mourning as Joel Goldsmith, composer of over 300 Stargate episodes and 3 DVD films passed away last Sunday at age 54. Goldsmith had adapted David Arnold’s theme from the Stargate movie for the TV series in 1997. Since then his music has been responsible for much of the sense of epic struggle between good and evil featured throughout the Stargate Franchise. Gateworld’s Twitter feed has been reposting memories and sentiments from fans, cast and crew of Joel Goldsmith and his work.

Source: GateWorld

MGM Snatches Stargate SG-1 From the Jaws of Obscurity

Just as the final Creation Stargate convention was about to close the iris for good, an announcement from independent producer Darren Thomas could change everything. His company, Ordino Studios, which based out of Andorra, is collaborating with MGM on a Stargate SG-1 app for tablets and smartphones. According to the official Stargate Facebook page, there are more details to the announcement that will be revealed at the San Diego Comicon in July. This could mean anything from the whole series streaming over tablet apps to a full-blown 3D action game. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on this!


Vancouver hosts the last Stargate Creation Convention

The final Stargate convention to be held by Creation Entertainment is to be held at the Metrotown Hilton this weekend. Guests include Christopher Judge, David Hewlett, and Joe Flanigan. This signifies the end of an era for Creation Conventions. For years, they were able to hold intimate convention experiences with many of the actors that worked in all 3 Stargate series. This by no means signifies the end of the Creation Convention experience in Vancouver, however. Creation Entertainment will return for a Supernatural TV series convention in August.

Source: GateWorld.

MacGyver’s Houseboat Listed on eBay

The boathouse used during the Vancouver seasons of MacGyver has been posted on eBay by the owner. The house was the base of operations for Richard Dean Anderson’s gadget-building crimefighter in the 1980’s. The house has since been painted bright blue, and its Coal Harbour berthing has probably sent its value skyrocketing. Owner Dave Edmonson has refused to disclose the reserve on it, but the 2 million dollar sale of the boathouse from Sleepless in Seattle means Aunt Patty and Selma are probably have to take out 3rd and 4th mortgages to afford this baby.

Source: The Province

Fan’s Speculate Christopher Judge’s role in The Dark Knight Rises

In a recent appearance on the David Boze Radio show, Christopher Judge speaks about his role in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie. We still don’t know what character he’ll be playing, but we do know that he’ll be involved in a fight scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who we know will be playing the role of Police Officer John Blake. In the show, Judge also has some sad news about a third Stargate film. While there was one in the development pipe, it’ll likely never see the light of day due to MGM’s financial troubles.

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Saving Hope to air June 7 and Michael Shanks Joins Twitter

NBC has announced June 7 at 10PM EST as the air date for pilot episode of Stargate Alumnus Michael Shanks’ new series, Saving Hope. To promote the show, Shanks has performed an act he once said he would would “rather pick his own eyeballs out with a toothpick.” He has joined Twitter under the handle @MichaelShanks. The account was previously handled by his Official website Michael Shanks Online, which has now switched to @MShanksOnline.


More Stargate talent on Primeval

More details have been announced about the cast and crew of Primeval: New World. Stargate’s Amanda Tapping and Andy Mikita have now been attached to the project. Mikita has been a long-time producer for Stargate and Amanda Tapping played Dr. Samantha Carter on Stargate:SG-1 and has been director of the Vancouver-based series Sanctuary.

Also notable is the addition of Niall Matter, who has guest starred in Stargate: Atlantis, but is most remembered for his role as Zane Donovan in Eureka. The final season of that series will air in April.


Ben Browder to guest star on Doctor Who

Gateworld reports that Ben Browder, star of Farscape and Stargate: SG-1 is scheduled to appear on the third episode of the next Doctor Who season. The episode that Browder will be guest starring in will be set in the American Wild West played by the ever lovely Spanish countryside. No word yet on whether yet he’ll be sporting a ridiculous accent.