MacGyver’s Houseboat Listed on eBay

The boathouse used during the Vancouver seasons of MacGyver has been posted on eBay by the owner. The house was the base of operations for Richard Dean Anderson’s gadget-building crimefighter in the 1980’s. The house has since been painted bright blue, and its Coal Harbour berthing has probably sent its value skyrocketing. Owner Dave Edmonson has refused to disclose the reserve on it, but the 2 million dollar sale of the boathouse from Sleepless in Seattle means Aunt Patty and Selma are probably have to take out 3rd and 4th mortgages to afford this baby.

Source: The Province

  • Daveloveshockey

    Thanks for the publicity. Just an fyi, though the sleepless in Seattle floathome sold for over 2 mil , i can honestly tell you that we are expecting way way less. Aunty may not have to take out more than one mortgage. Thanks, Dave Edmondson, owner

    • James Strocel

      Thanks for the comment! You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the eBay listing would you?