Combing the ruins of the Stargate MMO

Nerdvana posted an article exploring the fate of the Stargate MMO that never saw the light of day. The website of the company,, is still running, although it’s been riddled with blackjack advertisements and bad copy. While it’s sad to see such a storied franchise get this kind of treatment, it just goes to show what a risk MMO games are.


Source: Nerdvana

Anime Revolution Guest Update

Anime Revolution has confirmed three new voice actor guests. Katie Griffin and Susan Roman, better known as Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon English dub will be in attendance, as well as Lee Tockar, the voice of Dr. Frogg on “The League of Super Evil” and Snips on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Katie and Susan will be on the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary panel planned exclusively for Anime Revolution 2012. That’s right, 20 years. We are that old, ladies and gentlemen.:\

Source: Anime Revolution

Onion Ring Confirms the Future Release of Half-life 3

A fan has prophesied the coming of Half-life 3 through the strange symbol appear in this Onion Ring. You should listen to Onion Rings, for they are so tasty.

Source: Kotaku