Art History Featuring the Ladies of Battlestar Galactica


Megan Lara has drawn up Starbuck, Laura Roslin, Six, and Boomer in the style of Modern Painters such as Klimt and Lichtenstein. If Ferris Bueller’s Day Off taught us anything, is that you can only understand paintings like these through intense, neurotic staring contests. That’s why they are available for sale as a series from Quantum Mechanix. Unfortunately, the Lichtenstein Six is only available as a San Diego Comic-con exclusive!

Source: io9

Paul McCartney Writing Music for Bungie

In a move expected by absolutely no one, Paul McCartney has started making music for the former Halo developer Bungie. Sir Paul probably isn’t there because of his love of video games. He is a Beatle, after all. He still explains the situation to the German gaming site Zeit online in handy google translated english:

A new computer game is selling these days so much better than a new CD. And you reach a different audience. Probably in this way many young people for the first time my music will be heard in a video game. 

As for the project Paul will be working on, signs point to Destiny, a series of Massively Multiplayer Sci-fi Fantasy shooters. Details are scant, but we all know if Paul McCartney and Bungie are involved, only good can come ot it.


Concept Art from Half-Life 2: Ep. 3 Stirs the Rumour Mill


After years of speculation and frustration, uncovered a cache of concept art from Half-life 2: ep. 3 and posted the whole shebang on their facebook page! The images feature Alyx Vance’s winter wardrobe, new Combine buildings, and a possible HD return to the border world of Xen from the first Half-life. The images are around four years old, and it’s probably no accident that they’ve surfaced only now. What could Valve be up to?

Source: Gamespot