Gamestop kneels before Gabe and sells Steam Gift Cards

The press release says that Gamestop “thrilled to be partnering with Valve on this new initiative,” but we all know what’s going on here. Gamestop has made an agreement with Valve to start selling gift vouchers for the Steam PC download service in their stores across North America. The last video store in my town is just about to shutter, and its pretty clear that Gamestop will soon follow suit. They say that they are going to make a transition from software sales to refurbished hardware, but if you ask me, the future of retail is the face-to-face community surrounding their stores. Considering Gamestop’s relationship with the gaming community, it’s clear that the future is not for them.


George R.R. Martin and Chuck Palahniuk to Visit Seattle

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin will be coming to Town Hall Seattle on July 3rd for an exclusive reading of the next installment  of the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter.

Chuck Palahniuk will also be making his way to Town hall on July 24th. The author of Fight Club and Choke will be promoting Invisible Monsters Remix, a re-release of his Invisible Monsters novel with additional chapters and behind the scenes memoirs mixed in.

Tickets for both George R.R. Martin and Chuck Palahniuk are available through Brown Paper tickets.

Source:Culture Fiend.

Rex Velvet Goes On AfterEffects-Fueled Rampage

Rex Velvet, Seattle’s premier super villain, has released a new video to taunt Phoenix Jones and the rest of the Rain City superheroes. Mr. Velvet appears to be emboldened by the response to his first video, and now has the ability to to take to the streets in many forms of motorized transport. Unencumbered by public transit, where will Rex Velvet strike next?

Source: Topless Robot.