My Other Me Gets Funded On Kickstarter

The cosplay documentary My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter and will be getting the funds it needs to battle post production costs and shady film executives. Most of the footage was captured at Sakuracon, Anime Evolution, and Cos & Effect, so if you plunk down $60 on the kickstarter, you might be able to see you and your friends in a movie! Hurry though, there are only 4 days to go!


Source: Kickstarter

Halo: The Thursday War Novel Drops October 2nd

Karen Traviss’ trilogy of Halo Books continues in “The Thursday War”, the sequel to last year’s “Glasslands”. The trilogy takes place after the events of Halo 3, where dissident groups in the Earth and Covenant forces conspire to ignite a new conflict over technology left by the mysterious forerunners. The novel will be released in Audiobook and Hardcover on October 2nd, 2012

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Vancouver Comic Book Burning, 1954

Even Vancouver wasn’t safe from the moral panics of the 1950s. Over 8000 comics were burned at this rally by the Jaycee Youth Leadership committee in 1954. “No significant improvement” in Youth behaviour was observed as a result of this burning, but it was rallies like these that led to the Comics Code of authority and the lack of diversity in western comics up until the 1990s. I love that in true Vancouver fashion, “Rain dampened the affair”.

Source: Vancouver Is Awesome.