BC Prepares for Zombie Outbreak

Earthquakes? Boring. Forest Fires? So 2009. The natural disaster gripping young people today is the Zombie Outbreak! The BC government has put up a website warning people of the possible dangers of zombie outbreaks to educate people on the importance of general emergency preparedness. However, any zombie attack plan that doesn’t involve some form of pump-action shotgun…concerns me.

Source: Village Gamer

Final Attendance Numbers for Fan Expo Vancouver Are In!


FanExpo Vancouver has released its total attendance numbers the yesterday, and the final tally comes to…16,780! While impressive, there’s no doubt the organizers underestimated the force of fandom here in Vancouver. We can only guess how many people they turned away after their convention space sold out. In any case, hopefully next year they’ll reserve enough convention space to contain Vancouver’s appetite for celebrities, comics, and cosplay!

Source: Fan Expo Vancouver.

Blizzard Entertainment and Valve Software End DOTA Dispute

Blizzard has issued a statement that they have come to an agreement with Valve regarding the trademark of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). Under the new terms, Blizzard may use the name for its non-commercial modifications, and Valve will continue to develop DOTA 2. It’s a relief to see two great companies come together like this. I have a feeling that  if this was the movie industry, they would have to fight to the bitter end.

Source: GamePolitics