Fringe To Return for a Proper Sendoff in its 5th Season

Fringe’s Twitter revival campaign appears to have worked, and Fox has ordered a 13 episode Fifth season to air this fall. This might be an abbreviated last kick at the can, but I believe every show should get a chance end off properly. After all, television is an art, not an industrial process. There are some anime shows that only lasted for 1 season that are still kicking out spin-offs and trading figures, and I think they can all owe that solid legacy to a tight ending and fewer filler episodes.

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Stargate SG-1 composer Joel Goldsmith Passes Away at 54

Stargate fans everywhere are in mourning as Joel Goldsmith, composer of over 300 Stargate episodes and 3 DVD films passed away last Sunday at age 54. Goldsmith had adapted David Arnold’s theme from the Stargate movie for the TV series in 1997. Since then his music has been responsible for much of the sense of epic struggle between good and evil featured throughout the Stargate Franchise. Gateworld’s Twitter feed has been reposting memories and sentiments from fans, cast and crew of Joel Goldsmith and his work.

Source: GateWorld

Nathan Fillion in UPS Delivery Shorts!

YVRshoots has given us a first look at Nathan Fillion as he appears playing the Greek god Hermes in Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters. Keeping true to the idea of Hermes as the God of messengers, Fillion’s character pops up in a fake UPS store wearing those iconic delivery boy shorts. The question is, does he wear the shorts to pass as mortal, or is he trying to demonstrate that he’s a god?