Real Housewives of Vancouver Encroaches on the BC Film Industry

I thought had heard the last of Vancouver’s foray into the realm of gossip porn, but alas it was not to be. An article from is championing the series for giving the BC film industry a new lease on life as productions move to Toronto and Australia. To top it off, we might be getting our own version of the Bachelor. So depressing. Is this what everyone going through VFS and Capilano right now is dying to produce? Are they spending two years and 5 figures learning how to create imaginary creatures who can act an emote just so they can edit together a bunch of harpies who can do neither?

I will say this about the Real Housewives: That show makes Vancouver look frakking gorgeous. If we had more shows making good use of those helicopter shots of the Sea to Sky, who’s to say we wouldn’t see more scripted television?


The Infographic from Geek Pride Day

Friday, May 25th was crowned Geek Pride Day, as it was the date of the premier of the first Star Wars Movie, 35 years ago. I personally thought May the 4th was a perfectly fine Geek Pride Day, but whatever. I’m always on the look out for statistics trying to define the sociology of Geek, because as a people we are starting to define our society at large. Like the cowboy and the knight and shining armour, it’s probably going to be the 21st century’s period costume.


Source: FashionablyGeek

Oops: BBC Mistakes ‘Halo’ Logo For United Nations Emblem [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the oddest graphic goofs I’ve seen. While reporting on the conflict in Syria, the crew of the BBC posted the United Nations Space Command logo from Halo instead of the UN Security Council logo. This was probably the result of a google image search gone horribly wrong. Still, it’s not like Syria couldn’t use a visit from the Master Chief at this point.

Source: Mashable