Proper SuperHero Attire in the Workplace

The attire of female superheroes has always been a source of controversy, but there are limits when you are trying to make your way in a professional villainry organization.

Source: Topless Robot

Behold! The Many things Based on BattleStar Galactica

If you feel like your life needs a little more Battlestar Galactica in it, the internet has provided you with more options than ever.

First, there’s this 12-inch scale replica of the eponymous starship modeled by PSEUDOLO. It probably doesn’t come with that sweet paint job, but apparently it’s a really well-built kit.


You can also carry around your data in this USB flash drive from Anovos Productions.


Anovos is also producing these double tank tops, which admittedly made no sense to me in the series.


Sources: DC23 Hobbies, Geekosystem, Fashionably Geek.

Seattle LAN Parties in Chaos after Mountain Dew Disaster

Plans to enjoy harrowing local games of Diablo III and Counterstrike in Seattle this weekend were all but dashed when a truck carrying the all-important Mountain Dew was sliced in two by light rail train in Seattle. It’s not clear at this time what caused the truck to stop on the rail tracks, but gamers should be advised to stock up as supplies could be limited. Levels of other necessary supplies, such as doritos, chex mix, cheetoes, and red vines, should also be monitored as the situation develops.

Source: Seattle.